Push the Limits with a Great Team

As the one of the first incubation center working with academia and international organizations we consider ourselves lucky to work alongside people we admire. People who challenge the statues, people who think big with broader prospective, people who inspire us to deliver the best.

Deliver The Best Game

We have taken a new approach to give the power to the people, the developers those who work heartily and solely to make thing better. Changing the prospective, making the difference and delivering the best.

Why Join Us?

We are creating an Eco system by bringing the developers together under one platform to establish grounds on strong intellectuals by enable them to think out of the box.
If you are a student or a professional developer and would like to be a part of a team which strives for the best, we would like to hear from you. Drop us a mail with your Resume and let us know that you have what it takes.

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Job Opportunities

Mobile Application Developer
Mobile UI Graphic Designer
Mobile Apps Marketing